Club Cricket Conference

Friday, 1st March 2024

CCC T20 Challenge

The Challenge is played between groupings of 6 local teams over 5 Sundays during the year at 5 separate venues, on 5 agreed Sundays.

The Clubs and sides constituting these groups will play a separate T20 match on each of the Sundays on a Round Robin basis, with all six sides playing at the same venue; ie 3 matches each Sunday at the 5 agreed Club grounds.  The host side in each case will benefit from the catering and bar for a minimum of 66 players on the day, The matches will be played as 10.30 start, 1.30 start and 4.00 start each Sunday.  The winners will be the leading side at the end of the Round Robin stage.  There is also room for the top 4 teams playing an extra day in semi and final matches if desired.

The teams will be very local to each other - hopefully 4 or 5 established clubs and the 6th team being from outside the present club structure.

The whole competition is sponsored by CCC and will be administered by us.  For the first year, there is no charge for the Challenge and CCC will supply balls with umpires being provided by the participating teams.  It gives an opportunity for local sponsorship and income for the host clubs as well as introducing new, local players to the club atmosphere and possibly recruitment  

To apply for this competition, please contact Robbie Book