Club Cricket Conference

Wednesday, 22nd May 2019

Play-Cricket Administrators

Dear Play-Cricket Administrator,

The cricket season is underway for the vast majority with a number of friendlies and league fixtures successfully scored up and down the country. We hope you’re settling well into the season.

Play-Cricket Scorer

In the five weeks since the release of Play-Cricket Scorer ECB has received invaluable feedback from the recreational game. To date there has been 10,000 unique downloads resulting in 22% of last weekend’s scorecards uploaded via Play-Cricket Scorer. In comparison, 9% were uploaded via Total Cricket Scorer.

Version 2 is available NOW in the Google Play and App Store with further updates due throughout the season. The headline additions are: 

  • View the final scorecard for a match in your matches list, post-match.
  • Download game details in advance to score offline with Play-Cricket data.
  • Allow multiple scorers to score the same game, one scorer will assume Play-Cricket syncing rights.
  • Receive notifications at the end of an innings, when a target score has been reached, and at the end of a match.

There are two common FAQ's that we want to share to help scorers using the app:

Please read more here