Club Cricket Conference

Sunday, 27th May 2018

Southall Travel Spin Scholarship to India 2016

The Southall Travel Spin Scholarship to India trials once again proved to be a great success. The Club Cricket Conference received interest from just over 100 entrants from around the UK. These where then whittled down to 40 and the group were invited to attend an intensive trials session held at Leicestershire CCC's indoor center on the 18th September, with Jigar Naik and Kabir Ali as lead coaches. The professional coaches commented that the standard of spin bowlers was extremely high and for the first time in it's six year history they could not find two outright winners and eventually agreed on three winners.

The Club Cricket Conference are delighted to announce the three winners are:- 

1. Anaesh Patel - Cardiff CC

2. Stephen Croft - Sheriff Hutton Bridge CC

3. Shan Ahmadzai - Luton Town & I CC 

The three winners will receive their winners certificate on the 28th November at the Club Cricket Conferences Annual Lunch and then visit the Global Cricket School in Mumbai in March/April 2017.

The Club Cricket Conference would like to thank all the spinners that took part on the day and we are extremely grateful to our partners Southall Travel, Leicestershire CCC, Global Cricket School, Cricket Deal Direct, All Out Cricket and Notts Sport for all their support.