Club Cricket Conference

Sunday, 27th May 2018

CCC AGM 2016 - Minutes


A.G.M.  –  Wednesday 8th March 2016


Board of Directors: A Langley (Chairman), B Bigmore, R Book, Becky Fairlie-Clarke, K Hopley, J Poore, S Prodger, C Puckett.
President: D Collier.
Vice-President's: B McLeod, C Maynard.
Associate Members: K Letchford, J Thomas.
Affiliated Leagues: African Caribbean Cricket Association (L Skinner), Middlesex Premier CL (D Patel), South East Sunday CL (N Khan).
Clubs: Belhus CC (C Cansdale), Colchester & East Essex CC (P George), Ealing CC (M Chippendale), Radlett CC (C Randall), Shepherds Bush CC (D Perrin), Watford Town CC (G Riaz).
In Attendence: S Nicholson (Minutes Secretary).

The meeting was held at The Pavilion Committee Room, Lord's Cricket Ground, St. John's Wood, London, NW8 8QZ, and opened at 7.00pm with Alf Langley in the Chair.

The Chairman asked all attendees to introduce themselves to the meeting.


1. Apologies for Absence
Board of Directors: S Wright.
Life Vice-Presidents: L Butcher, D Goldsmith, P Hooper, E Poulter, S Whitehead, S York.
Active Vice-Presidents: M Stear, M Vimpany.
Hon. Vice-Presidents: D Browne, D Franklin, J Goodman, Shelia Hill, A Izzard.
Associate Members: P Robbins.
Club Cricket Charity: M Williams.
Clubs: Jesters CC (J Murphy), Pacific CC (P Hollman), Stage CC (M Sadler), Wolverton Town CC (G Dickinson).

2. Minutes of A.G.M. held on 25th March 2015
On a proposal from J Poore, seconded by K Letchford, the minutes were approved nem con.

3. Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

4. Annual Report
On a proposal from P George, seconded by S Prodger, the Annual Report was adopted.

5. Financial Report & Accounts for the year ending 31st October 2015
In the absence of Treasurer S Wright, both were presented to the meeting by A Langley.
On a proposal by R Book, seconded by S Prodger, the Treasurer’s Report and Annual Accounts were adopted.

6. To consider, and if thought fit, to approve the following Resolution:
That the existing paragraph 11.2 of the Company’s Articles of Association be deleted and replaced with the following :
“The Board shall consist of Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Chairman of the Club Cricket Charity, and not more than twelve elected members”.
R Book explained that to incorporate onto the Board a wider cross-section of cricketing interests, that the present “not more than six elected members”, needed amending.
On a proposal from Bill Bigmore, seconded by C Puckett, the Resolution was adopted.

7. To elect a Chairman for a 3 year period
A Langley proposed R Book, and by way of an introduction mentioned his background, and involvement with the CCC and other organisations. C Puckett seconded the proposal, which was carried unanimously (applause).
R Book took the Chair of the meeting and offered his thanks on being elected, explained his work so far with the CCC, and his expectations for the CCC and NCC going forward.
C Puckett proposed a vote of thanks to A Langley for his efforts during his period as Chairman. Seconded by R Book. Agreed (applause).

8. To elect a Company Secretary for 2016/17
On a proposal from C Puckett, seconded by K Letchford, S Whitehead was elected Company Secretary for 2016/17.

9. To elect a Treasurer for 2016/17
R Book informed the meeting that the Board now had a nominee ; Sam Burge of East Molesey CC, and a current CCC player.
On a proposal from S Prodger, seconded by B Bigmore, S Burge was elected Treasurer, for 2016/17.
A Langley offered thanks to Steve Wright for his efforts during his period as Treasurer and Board member (applaus).

10. To elect a Chairman of the Club Cricket Charity for 2016/17
R Book informed the meeting that previously we had not been in a situation to elect a Chairman of the Club Cricket Charity at an AGM.
C Puckett proposed Mark Williams, who is currently a Trustee of the Club Cricket Charity, and works within the MCC Laws department. B McLeod seconded the proposal, which was carried unanimously.

11. To elect Board Members for 2016/17
R Book thanked B Bigmore for his service as a Board member over many years, and introduced the nominees.
On a proposal from B Bigmore, seconded by C Randall, David Collier, Philip George, Alf Langley, Dipu Patel, Simon Prodger, and Lonsdale Skinner, plus incumbents, Becky Fairlie-Clarke, Keir Hopley, John Poore, and Charlie Puckett were elected as Board Members for 2016/17 en bloc.

12. To elect a President for 2016/17
After an introduction, and a proposal by A Langley, seconded by R Book, Bob McLeod was unanimously elected as President for 2016/17.
David Collier spoke of his ‘Centenary year’ as President ;“a wonderful time”, and congratulated S Prodger and G Riaz for their involvement with the NCC and NACC. D Collier then passed the Presidential ‘badge of office’ to B McLeod, who thanked the meeting, and spoke of his involvement with the CCC.

13. To appoint Reporting Accountants for 2016/17
On a proposal from R Book, seconded by J Poore, Blue Spire Ltd of Cawley Priory, South Pallant, Chichester, PO14 1SY, were elected as Reporting Accountants for 2016/17.

14. To consider Any Other Business
i) S Prodger updated the meeting on recent/ongoing activities of the National Cricket Conference, and the relevance to the Club Cricket Conference.
He also spoke of our cricket activities during our Centenary year, including the tours undertaken by our Representative, Women, & Veterans XI’s, and offered special thanks to Colin Maynard for his help regarding our matches at Lord’s, and to David Collier regarding our match v an ECB XI at Arundel.
ii) A Langley expressed thanks to Gulfraz Riaz for his support/initiatives/hardwork that has brought many new clubs & organisations into membership of theCCC/NCC, or to the attention of ECB.
iii) C Puckett mentioned the deaths in the last year of Life Vice-President, Brian Janes, and CCC 1985 tour scorer, Virgina Edwards.
He also mentioned two CCC events during 2016: Former Tourist Reunion lunch at Ealing CC on 12th June, and the CCC Annual Lunch on 28th November.
iv) R Book, in closing the meeting, reiterated that he looked forward to working with the new Board, and the CCC office staff.

There being no other business. the meeting closed at 8.14pm.