Club Cricket Conference

Monday, 6th December 2021

Cricket Deal Direct

Cricket Deal Direct (CDD) UK Ltd, the preferred clothing and equipment supplier for the Conference, have just launched their new “club development programme”. Consistent with their original goals to put money back into the amateur game by linking web sites and providing clubs with an automatic cricket shop, the new scheme looks to be even more compelling:

  • Clubs work with CDD to estimate the annual funding requirement. This may be made up of:
    • Cricket equipment
    • Cricket clothing
    • Cricket coaching gear
    • Cricket balls
    • Cricket external ground equipment
    • CDD can be more confident in the levels of revenue that is likely to come in and can therefore be more creative in the amount it can rebate back to the club on purchases. One of the first clubs to sign up for a 3 year agreement with CDD has an estimated rebate in excess of £3,000 from CDD in year 1. Clearly both the club and CDD have to work closely together to realise the estimated club benefit.
    • Not every club will qualify for the scheme as there is a minimum criteria that CDD require to be confirmed.
    • So far the new scheme is generating a lot of interest and any club wishing to find out more and whether they qualify should e-mail
    • Cricket Deal Direct has also invested in brand new embroidery and printing equipment to support their rapidly expanding cricket clothing business. This is very important as having this in-house capability creates a unique position for us. We now have complete control of the entire manufacturing cycle. From the initial manufacture, our couriers now collect directly from the factory and deliver directly to us here in the UK, where each club delivery fits straight into the embroidery and printing schedule. The average lead time has been drastically cut and we can create an expectation with the club that will always be met. We can know offer clubs a clothing package based on quality, price and guaranteed delivery times (which not many companies can actually deliver on)
    • In addition to the home UK market our joint venture with Cricket Espana has now gone live. Promoting our main SM brand, we have appointed 4 leading Spanish cricketers to help us raise SM brand awareness. Also helping the cause our latest professional to join us is Preston Mommsen, and his 139 not out for Scotland v UAE has secured them a World Cup place. Preston is using SM kit.
    • Our main brand SM is fast gaining recognition in the UK, with many professionals enjoying the quality of the product. To further increase the SM brand awareness we have just introduced a kit sponsorship programme for young emerging players. Again any young players interested should contact for more information.
    • Finally the SM range has grown considerably. The latest shipment from India will be here soon with lots more quality products added to the existing range. In particular the junior range has been expanded to compliment the much wider Adult range. These new products will all be available on line at


CCC Stock Range at February 2014   (all embroidered)

Embroidered Polo Shirts L x 1, M x 1, S x 2, XL x 1, XXL x 2 (Navy Blue)

Embroidered Polo Shirts  S x 2, M x 2, L x 2, XL x 2, XXL x 2 (Maroon)

Hoodies SM Youth x1, M Youth x 1, XL Youth x 1, S x 6, M x 4, L x 7, XL x 1, 2XL x 3 (Navy Blue)

Hoodies S x 2, M x 2, L x 2, XL x 1, 2XL x 2(Maroon)

Fleeces Y x 1, M x 1, XL x 2, XXL x 2

Caps x 9 (Maroon)