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Sunday, 30th April 2017

News - April 2017

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New Law will arm umpires with power to keep the peace

The MCC decided that the evidence from the 2016 experiment, which gave umpires new powers to deal with bad on-field behaviour, clinched the need to take serious action. Under a new Law 42 from October onwards players can be sent off the field and batsmen can be dismissed 'retired out' as the result of misdemeanour.

Enshrining ideas  into the Laws of Cricket has been done after only a couple of years of assessment. Such fundamental changes would normally take longer, but the need to deter  bad on-field behaviour has  become pressing, especially as there seems to be increasing disillusionment among umpires.


Those monster bats to be banned under new Laws in October

The thickness of bats will be officially limited for the first time from October.


MCC winning pictures are worth trip to new Warner Stand

The winning cricket photograph of the year has been announced by the MCC.