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Thursday, 21st March 2019

News - March 2019

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MCC panel says Test over-rates should be timed

The time has come for a timing clock to appear on electronic scoreboards and force up over-rates in Test matches, according to the MCC World Cricket Committee.

The MCC-sponsored opinion group of eminent players met in Bengaluru, India, recently and suggested this way of removing a blight on the game.  ICC statistics since May 2018 showed that over-rates had fallen to 13.77 per hour, the slowest average in 11 years.


Gurney's short idea unlikely to halt falling numbers

All club cricket should be played as 20 overs to increase participation.


Atherton's name is raised on high while Tendulkar stays outside

Mike Atherton will be pleased that women's centuries and five-wicket returns.