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Friday, 31st March 2017

League cricket - answers are needed

Posted on: Monday, 8th December 2014

The recent ECB survey is not reliable, based on only two years, but it suggests club cricket participation is declining. Perhaps leagues and clubs are not providing what players would like. The appetite for days lasting 100 overs has diminished – or has it? There has been no mention of geography or north-south differences.

As a long-term player of 100 'restricted' over games (with draw as a possible result), my reluctant action would be to reduce all divisions below the elite to 40-overs, straight limited overs.


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Don't panic, I was told cricket was dying in the 1970's yet it still seems to be doing well, some clubs fade others emerge. However with leagues apply common sense, eg the surrey championship could be regionalized below Prem and first div, as they do with third and fourth teams. This cuts travel time, and makes it much easier to start at a sensible time, allowing local people to play instead of chosing other activities. Elite divisions should play more overs, but reduce this further down the levels, eg 40 over for 4th eleven with some restrictions etc Allow some flexibility with start times, don't impose "professional rules " eg fielding circles lower down the leagues and set simpler rules throughout all leagues, rewarding the win, but sometimes ensuring a hard fought losing draw can still be rewarded even in overs game.

Chris Westphal

Posted by: Chris westphal | Posted on: Thursday, 10th December 2015

some time ago, the CCC put forward an idea where clubs in a locality could be part of a T20 competition which would tie together 6 clubs in around robin series of matches on a series of 4 Sundays. The aim is to ensure that the basics of Localism, Time and Competition will bring back local rivalries and be beneficial for the clubs in financial terms.
I will be writing an article covering the logistics of such a localised competition which could become the basis of a national competition.
There is no reason why the CCC or its friend the NCC could not be the catalyst for such an innovative system
Watch out for the template on the CCC website

Posted by: Robert Book | Posted on: Friday, 12th December 2014

Gentlemen and Ladies.

Whilst 40 Overs per side would resolve some of 'the time' problems, it would inevitably lead to the end of any 'tactical input' from Captains within the game.SAD!

On a recent visit to a Durham CCC Former Players Reunion, former playing Colleagues, who are currently now Administrators of Cricket in the North East, were strongly of the opinion that the 'Elite Restructuring' had lead to long journeys to matches, long days of 'boring and attritional cricket' and most importantly the 'death' of 'local Derbys' which formerly attracted good crowds and local interest.

Footnote. I'm glad I played when I did, for despite the sterling efforts of the CCC, there seems to be an 'absence of enjoyment' in the modern Game in its present Form and evidence from 'Up North'highlights the loss of local derbies as just one of the reasons, among many others, for the declining numbers.

Alan 'Budgie' Burridge

Posted by: ALAN BURRIDGE | Posted on: Wednesday, 10th December 2014