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Friday, 31st March 2017

Fireworks pay for ground maintenance

Posted on: Friday, 14th November 2014

Just for information to Clubs, Totteridge Millhillians CC, despite being surrounded by competition, had a record 2500 visitors last Friday night, compared to 2000 the year before. Takings on the night paid for our ground maintenance for the next year. For any advice on this or other matters contact CCC offices via this forum site or the advisory heading


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Can not believe there are ticetks for sale at these prices, what has happened to clubs etc selling ticetks for over the cost price is Blackmarket.As much as one loves the game one cannot afford these prices to watch 80 mins of rugby. These prices are all for corporate, the people who supported the clubs for 40 years, and cheered them on, can no longer afford to go to matches. Corporates really do not go for the rugby.Sorry but it is true.I would truly love two ticetks for Twickenham, have flights etc but cannot afford the prices being asked for ticetks.

Posted by: admin | Posted on: Saturday, 14th November 2015