Club Cricket Conference

Monday, 26th June 2017

The Conference Cup 2017

The CCC Board, together with the organisers of the Bertie Joel Cup, have decided to re-instate The Conference Cup, in a competition now to be known as "The Conference Cup for the Bertie Joel Trophy".


Round 1, to be played on or before Sunday 28th May:

1. Acton v South Hampstead. Acton won. scorecard
2. Hoddesdon v Pacific - played Sunday 22nd May. Hoddesdon won. scorecard
3. Old Wimbledonians v Bickley Park - now to be played Sunday 7th May. Bickley Park conceded
4. Aston Rowant v Hatfield Hyde - now to be played Sunday 14th May. Hatfield Hyde conceded
5. Indian Gymkhana v Old Southendian & Southchurch. Old Southendian & Southchurch conceded
6. Fives & Heronians v Middlesex Tamil Sports & Social Club. MTSSC conceded
7. Old Rutlishians v Paragon - played Sunday 14th May. Old Rutlishians won. scorecard
8. Beaconsfield v Waltham. Waltham won. scorecard

Round 2, to be played on or before Sunday 18th June:

1. Colchester & East Essex v West Indies United. West Indies United won, scorecard
2. Radlett v Chingford. Chingford won, scores
3. Reigate Priory v Acton, Acton conceded
4. Hoddesdon v Ealing. Ealing won, scorecard
5. Stanmore v Brentwood. Sanmore won, scores
6. Sawbridgeworth v Bexley. Bexley won, scores
7. Sunbury v Hornchurch. Sunbury won, scores
8. Finchley v Bishop's Stortford. Finchley won
9. Waltham v Fives & Heronians. Waltham won, scorecard
10. Aston Rowant v Harold Wood. Aston Rowant won, scoecard
11. Shenfield v Bromley. Shenfield conceded
12. Wanstead v East Molesey. Wanstead won, scorecard
13. Old Wimbledonians v Harpenden. Harpenden conceded
14. Cambridge Granta v Valley End. Valley End conceded
15. Blackheath v Ashtead - now to be played Sunday 11th June. Ashtead conceded
16. Indian Gymkhana v Old Rutlishians. Indian Gymkhana conceded

Round 3, to be played on or before Sunday 9th July:

1. West Indies United v Chingford
2. Finchley v Blackheath
3. Old Rutlishians v Ealing
4. Wanstead v Bromley
5. Cambridge Granta v Stanmore
6. Aston Rowant v Waltham
7. Old Wimbledonians v Sunbury
8. Bexley v Reigate Priory